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FESPA Asia 2019

FESPA Asia 2017 Conference Programme

15 Feb 2017
  1. Understand how the BUZZ of Digital technology has a place in your manufacturing environment and what that means to your operation along with some considerations and challenges.
  2. Thailand and the region as a whole are advancing rapidly in scaling up forest certification...
  3. How to differentiate the products and create more chance to be selected by customers?
  4. The consumers' needs in this digital world are changing at a rapid pace. Kornit’s mission is to close this gap between the consumer clocks to the industry clock. 
  5. This session will explore ways to succeed in this sector through the combination of innovation, creativity and technology.
  6. This presentation will look at some of the quick wins for improving control and profitability.
  7. When you have worked in the printing industry there must have been hundreds of files that land in your inbox or on your desk that are unprintable.

    In this Talk, Carl will discuss not only the core uses of Photoshop but how to apply industry techniques to getting any file ready for print.  Now it is time to help educate our clients and designers to send files that are print ready and that will give the best results.

16 Feb 2017
  1. An exploration of digital textile printing on polyester
  2. The FESPA Census is the largest data gathering project in the wide-format printing industry.
  3. Based in Bangkok, Bodhi Tree Decor is a popular design firm and manufacturer of wall accents for commercial and residential interiors.
  4. Control colour printing, get the correct colour and suitable for use in different industries
  5. What is the key success of the mixed printing processes?
  6. Keeping the press running requires tight workflow management of all aspects of production.
  7. Photoshop Etiquette advocates for an organised approach to graphic design. This guide of best practices promotes clarity, empathy, and intent. You know, the details actually worth sweating. We all want our teams to know exactly how to work with a file and this talk will give you the key tips to avoid final-final001b.psd and have a more effective workflow as a team.
  8. Reflecting on the agreed principles for responsible forest management
  9. How many times have you refused a profitable project because of you do not have a good standard of colour control?
  10. Description coming soon...
17 Feb 2017
  1. Creative Cloud, Adobe's cloud-based subscription service has helped teams work closer together by bringing collaborations online.

  2. 3D Printing is a disruptive technology and known as the next best industry resolution.
  3. Today’s commercial and residential spaces are full of exciting design and customized interior decoration is in demand.
  4. How to optimize production with print standards and quality control.
  5. This presentation explains how certification works and how printing companies can benefit from certifications based on robust schema and ISO standards.



Fespa Asia 2017 Bangkok 15-17 February 2017